1. What is Digi2l Assured Buyback Program?

Digi2l Assured Buyback program guarantees you a fixed buyback price for your appliance/Television when you upgrade to you next device. The plan is available with Air Conditioner, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Television, Washing Machine

2. What is the benefit for me?

Assured Buyback plan allows you to always stay ahead in your Electronics & Appliances game. Simply opt for an Assured Buyback plan with Air Conditioner, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Television, Washing Machine and avail a guaranteed buy back price when you want to upgrade to your Appliance or TV. a. The plan is available for 5 years.

3. How do I sign up for the Digi2l Assured Buyback program?

Simply add your an Assured Buyback plan when you purchase a Appliances From Samsung online. Pay a small fee and enable the Assured Buyback plan along with Samsung Appliances/Television.

4. Are there any documents required for signing up for the program?

Invoice copy required at the time of Assured Buyback plan purchase. The plan will be enabled on Appliance/TV post plan purchase from the Samsung.in, post which you will receive the confirmation of program signup on email

5. When can I exercise my Buyback option i.e. sell my original device for assured value?

To upgrade to next device with Assured Buyback, you have to reach out to digi2l.in or call on 9321276341/96196 97745 and initiate the Buyback option. Detailed buy back process captured below -

  1. Within the Plan Term, if You wish to redeem the buyback value as per the benefits offered by the Plan, you must visit digi2l.in or call on 9321276341/96196 97745. The Digi2l shall carry out buyback process by inspecting the physical & functional condition of the appliance/TV.
  2. Subject to You providing required details and subject to the Device passing the quality check (“QC”). If the Device does not pass the QC test, You shall not be eligible to avail the buyback plan.
  3. After the device diagnostics and QC is completed the final Buyback Value is shown.
  4. If the Buyback Value is acceptable, You will handover the appliance/TV and other accessories to authorized digi2l Partner who will provide you the Buyback Value in cash/ cash equivalent

6. What is the benefit upon upgrade to new device?

When you redeem the Assured Buyback option, the assured value as per Table 1 will be deducted from your new device purchase value as per redemption schedule

7. How long does the process take?

Redemption of Assured Buyback plan for upgrade is easy. The transaction takes approximately~ 72 hrs in metro and 5 days in non-metro cities

8. My query is not listed here, how do I get it resolved?

You can contact the digi2l customer support number 9321276341/96196 97745 or email us at customercare@digi2l.in.